Affordable Quality...

Music sounds right when notes are hit correctly. It's possible to blend the architectural attributes of your project into visual harmonies, with each part in it's proper place.


Your not alone when you hire us...

we partner with our clients to build success!

If you start with the intent to produce a project suitable in all phases of design and construction, challenges have a way of either becoming solutions or avenues for new explorations. . .

What we believe.

  • Homes/accessory buildings
  • Remodeling/Building TI
  • Project management
  • Whole house renovations


The center of activity..

the kitchen is the star of every home!

You can't keep people out. It's a fact, the kitchen is the hub where all activities of the home collect. We strive to design every kitchen to meet this important place this has in your life.

What we do.

  • Kitchen design
  • Media Centers/Home Office
  • Custom sash & doors
  • Staircases/Moldings


Experience required here...

the bath requires every element be synchronized

No where else is so much happening in a small space as the bath. Managing the visual elements here is critical. Every piece of design must contribute to sustaining the serenity a baths should have.

What we can do?

  • Bath Design/Cabinets
  • Showers/Exercise
  • Flooring, tiling, granite
  • Lighting/Home integration


If you love old buildings...

we're the right contractor.

Kick start your project off by having us complete a survey of the current state your building is in. Without an understandable beginning point it's hard to create a manageable plan.

What we can do?

  • Project surveys
  • Presentations
  • Guidelines/Permitting
  • Construction Services


Wood, it can do anything...

and we know how to make it sing!

Wood is the most versatile of all materials. It must be treated however with understanding to create long lasting components. We have the years of craft experience needed to design, fabricate, finish and install every wood requirement you might have.

What we can do?

  • Cabinetry/Millwork
  • Historical reproductions
  • Bedroom & bath furniture
  • Exterior restorations