Our team members are the best, some have been with us for thirty plus years. We hiring looking for three things in individuals; intelligence, initiative and integrity. We're not bringing anyone into your business or home who isn't welcome in ours. These principles have enabled us through the years to consistently provide a superior workforce. Without which it would be difficult to produce the value we offer. The character of our people and the skills they possesses helps us make renovation projects a success and positive experience everyone enjoys.

Documentation, Details and Specifications

These three words, Documentation, Details and Specifications are the essential components describing the work and eventually determining how it all fits together. When these three are adequate we have a much simpler task ensuring our efforts meet the expectations of designers and Owners of projects.

Documentation is the story of how parts relate to each other.

Whether it’s a long story or short story construction documentation should succinctly guide the contractor from the bottom of the building to it's top. Many new powerful CAD programs in use today create documentation integrated into systems commonly called BIM or Building Information Modeling. These tools create documentation digitally; producing powerful 2 and 3 D details . It offers Owners the promise of providing a level of accuracy and visibility not possible before, providing accountability through the entire building process.

Details, Details, it' all about Details.

Drawings create both large and small scale depictions of how structures and surfaces come together. It's here were we rely on a building's designer to tell us their vision of the soul of the project we're constructing.

Specifications period!

The only way possible to complete a project is if details and specifications are complete enough. Specifications create accountability for projects. Their lack is the single largest contributor to conflict They're the only way the bidding process is fair. It's also the only way Owners of projects are assured what they're paying has been completed when a contractor says his work is done.