The foundation of a project is the quality of it's design...

we welcome working with your design professionals or if needed we can provide the required documentation.

What we do.

  • Design Studies/Renderings
  • Construction Documentation
  • New Homes/Additions
  • Commercial Renovation

Whatever your style ...

we help you interpret ideas into architectural solutions that work. Building and renovating is an art but requires understandable documentation. A renderings help visualize building concepts, documentation is key to quality. Construction documentation which include specifications sets expectations all parties can agree to. We learn your goals and budget in order to arrive at documentation worthy of the effort, time and resources a renovation project requires.

Budget and expectations ...

the value of planning is reflected in the cost. It cost more not to cut corners, at least initially. Over time however low prices often become poor bargains. We see this again and again, when after five years or less corners that were cut become repairs needing to be addressed to maintain functionality.

At Quiet Valley we strive to look ahead. To think how materials and processes employed will last and function in the areas they're designed to serve. How time effects exterior materials choices, how will sunlight degrade them, will moisture vapor be a problem, will water have a proper pathway or how does heat and cold interact with components and their systems? Will the wear and tear of daily use produce unwanted changes in textures, can hardware function repeatedly, will finishes be durable enough over time where they sit? These a few of the questions we consider important when planning your project.

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Do you know what's required of you...

Contractors like many businesses look at regulations as potentially impeding success. Compliance often is punitive instead of a positive partnership. Changing this is possible!

What we believe.

  • Safety is a foundation for success
  • Compliance is a partnership
  • Communication is essential
  • Accountability creates leaders

THE EPA & RRP Click here to view videos!

The Renovation, Repair and Painting program was created to stop children from being poisoned by exposure to lead dust generated when older structures are remodeled. Continuing to willfully do work covered by RRP rules without providing safety measures hurts children and you may loose you business.

Work site employee safety

Gone are the days employers can operate just as they please. Today's regulatory environment requires new attitudes about compliance. Employee safety training programs are a must today for construction projects of any size. Creating patterns in your business which incorporate Federal, State and local regulatory programs can spare you a lot of grief. Below are links to agencies whose requirements need to be understood as you start to plan how you'll make safety a part of your day to day operations.

Expand or make it new.

Every home has an ideal solution waiting for discovery ...

we can transform your current living space into solutions for now and the future. Adding, combining and reorganizing your home's assets can add value and comfort.

What we do.

  • New homes/kitchens & baths
  • Additions and remodeling
  • 2nd story additions
  • Garage or guest houses

Save money and frustration.

Taking time to plan and assess your projects goals hands down is the most valuable beginning towards fulfilling your expectations. We employ a budget planning guide to help clients focus on features and the cost of a renovation. Our simple guide provides a basis for developing a preliminary budget adjusted to prevailing cost trends, helping you to refine your goals. Call us for more information.

Is it an addition?

It shouldn't look like one. Whether we both design and build your project or both it should celebrate the existing architecture and location. There's always a balance of style and function within a structure. Our goal is to create the right tensions of forms and surfaces in a project by setting the prominence of features within a design framework. Do individual elements support the intent, adding up visually. How do material intersect, adding to he presence and purpose of surfaces These are a few of the questions we consider important to understand and managing as projects are planned.

Build now and enjoy for a lifetime, if you hire a licensed contractor.

The cost of building, renovating and repairing a project is the sum of materials, labor, insurance along with added P&O. Doing a project today is going to cost less than building later. The market in Southern California is very competitive and it's roughly shaped by a supply of reasonably skilled labor force and broadly available discounted building materials. Many contractors and laborers especially the unlicensed enjoy the advantage of not paying for insurance or licensing. The risk to individuals hiring these unlicensed contractors is enormous and can be a disaster if someone you hire is injured or builds without permits. Make sure you check for licensing at Ask contractors for their certificates of liability and workers compensation insurance. Without these you're assuming all the risk in a building project!

NARI Member since 1996

Bring back it's flourish!

Do you own a historic structure...

navigating the rigors of restoring-revitalizing a piece of history is rewarding but can be difficult. We have the know how to satisfy every standard and functional requirement.

What we do.

  • Structural evaluation
  • Code and compliance review
  • Planning and development
  • Public hearings preparation

Add to it's significance.

Southern California is blessed with an abundance of varied architectural styles and eras . Over time weather and a lack of maintenance reduces the vitality of the details once central to the designers intent. We know how to employ modern materials and methods to maintain and renew these important components so they're ready to last into the next generation. We passionately enjoy the ambiance designers have expressed through the individuality of past styles. If you share this interest we can help you keep your treasure in tip top shape.

Invest in architecture.

Not only are these important parts of Southern California history, over time they can become a secure investment even in challenging times. Their renewal provides a handsome place to create family memories and can be a repository of capital. Interest in the elegance of older buildings as time goes on will certainly continue. Community planners and civic groups alike are pursing securing the building fabric of the past. The supply of these historically crafted buildings has dwindled over time, making the remaining structures of even more value.

Buildings need maintenance.

From sticky doors to broken floors ...

what ever the need, sometimes its just fixing what’s broken. We can help get nagging repairs finally crossed off the list of things waiting to get done.

What we do.

  • Carpentry, plastering
  • Painting, flooring
  • Tile work, plumbing
  • Electrical and much more ...

Keeping ahead of maintenance problem.

Everything needs upkeep. The sun, the wind and time take a toll. When things wear out or stop working we can get used to their condition. However if accumulated some problems just compound. We have a team trained in how to put it right. Recently new companies focusing on the building maintenance has grown. However we've seen first hand many of their technicians operate without rudimentary understanding of building systems. Their work often does not solve problems. Instead at best they postpone real solution. Our results are guaranteed!

Making plans for repairs always pays dividends.

We can create a budgeted list of work items to be completed as convenience, time and money allows. In this way you keep ahead of the curve. We break down the labor and materials needed for each repair. We help you chart a course through maintenance issues so you know what's necessary now and what can be done later.


When your plan is to remain in your home...

We provide the design and alterations necessary needed to make this realistic. Its easier to do now then later!

What we do.

  • Needs assessment
  • Home safety and access
  • Kitchen and bath alterations
  • Tiered design for care

Making it safe helps everyone.

Your home is the best place to live. To make this practical modifications can be made lengthening the suitability your home provides for both now or your future capacity. Today's market place has an abundance of product offerings for accessibility. These products provide comfort and safety when altering your home to support changing needs. Most these solutions are suitable for all person who occupy your home and when later your support needs grow. We specialize in understanding how individual adaptations work best for you and how to incorporate them into your homes architecture and appearance.

Develop and review your plans, then retire.

Making your home fit now and for the future is better then waiting for necessity to force alterations. We plan with you today so you're able to maximize the length of time your home is safe. Perhaps not all considered alterations currently need to be done Having a plan ready however makes for smooth transitions.